10 Content Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

May 26, 2019 | Sales & Marketing

Marketing in today’s digital age is somewhat of a double-edged sword. In the 21st century, Small Business Owners have thousands of resources available to get the word out, from blogs, social media, banners, and of course, the outdated billboard approach.

We find that billboard marketing is less effective and continues to fade over the years. We recommend using your budget for billboards elsewhere, think digital and quality, descriptive content for the best approach and bang for your buck.

On the other hand, this current content marketing era has become so crowded that optimizing your advertising budgets for PPC ads have become quite challenging and can become costly in a short period of time. Learning and a unique approach and creating interactive content is key to stand-out as a prominent online business.

If Small Business Owners want to survive and thrive in this new SEO and marketing environment, they need to make the most of every marketing and social media opportunity.

Content marketing can is an essential asset for organic growth and should be an integral part of every successful advertising strategy for all Small Businesses.

Here are ten simple content marketing tips to jump-start your small business and put you ahead of the competition.


 1. Build your online presence

with conversions in mind. From designing a compelling landing page to using opt-in email lists for email marketing. Do whatever it takes to convert online visitors into loyal customers.  Most importantly, never lose focus and have a clear direction and timeline to achieve your goals.

2. Know your audience and target market.

If you want to succeed in marketing and effective content, you need to know and understand your audience, it is crucial to stay up to date with current shifts within your market. Review surveys, and capture demographic data, and think of take creative steps to understand who your target customers and users are.

3. Enhance your branding efforts

and focus on quality, not on quantity. Your digital marketing efforts are an essential part of building your brand. By enhancing your branding efforts and creating excellent content, you can be sure to reap the benefits long-term for real success.

4. Respond to customer inquiries and complaints

A fast response is vital in today’s world, and nobody wants to end up a bad review, especially when there is an easy resolution to the problem.

5. Keep your content up to date

Outdated content will kill your conversion rate and drive away your potential customers, so make sure to keep your website and other online properties up to date and utilize SEO and keyword research to improve your organic reach.

6. Conduct continuous testing and create quality content.

You cannot expect to optimize your marketing strategy if you do not know where you stand. Always make it a priority to brainstorm a clear plan for the upcoming months ahead. The best way to understand how you are doing and what you can improve on is to test different ideas and see what marketing content has the largest response over time.

7. Stay current and aware of new outlets.

New marketing outlets are popping up daily, always do your research, and know where to focus your efforts. Always stay cautious and concentrate on finding trending topics and social networks that are creating exciting new opportunities to expand your potential reach.

You do not need to have a presence on every social media platform, but being aware of their existence and keep an eye on their popularity could help you build your brand and help bring new visitors to your content.

8. The best thing about marketing in the digital age is Small Business Owners can access incredible data available free online to stay on top of the competition.


Use that information to see where your visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your page.

Pro Tip: Give your content time to mature and appreciate, new sites are targeted in particular and it can take time to gain trust and authority on Google. Stay consistent and stay relevant within your targeted niche and do not stop creating content.

Make sure to utilize free SEO tools that you can find online and take time to learn and research new topics. Check out our Top 3 Free SEO tools to help enhance your organic growth plan. 

9. Seeking out relevant influencers can be a fantastic way to add fuel to your marketing plan.

When influencers speak, people listen, and these influential individuals can have a massive impact on brands and businesses looking to get their business on a path to success.

Based on a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of marketers are increasing their influencer marketing budgets in 2019. This shows a huge opportunity that should not go ignored. You can find companies to help you find the perfect influencer for your audience.

10. Be mobile friendly and optimize your website for speed.

A growing number of website visits come from mobile devices; it is crucial to make sure your marketing efforts and webpage load times are up to today’s standards. With a strong focus on user experience speed optimization, you can ensure that future page views on smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices do not hurt your SEO and will help reduce the bounce rate for your webpage.

Marketing in today’s digital age is not easy,

and it is becoming increasingly complex with all the latest technology and constant need for speed and instant gratification for the end user. However, the online world is powerful and is a massive open opportunity that can quickly become a life-changing asset for your small businesses for long-term success.

If you want to make the most of the continually expanding market, you need to focus efforts on your current and future audience.

The ten tips listed above can get you started and offers a simple guide to what is needed and expected to start strong with an effective content strategy.


The rest is up to you,

Hard work and a consistent focus on quality will have fantastic long-term advantages for the overall success of your business and marketing plan. Remember that to be effective and see beneficial results it will be a time consuming and frustrating journey, and taking time research and learn will help gain powerful results.

Always make sure to stay creative, consistent and cater to the specific needs of your audience.