20 Free Marketing Tools to Increase Performance

Jun 11, 2019 | Free Online Web Tools, Sales & Marketing

If you are looking for the best tools to streamline your marketing campaign, then look no further because you are in the right place. Any business owner or a digital marketer who wants to succeed in the areas of business promotion and sells of products should not underestimate the power of marketing tools.

They are reliable tools that will save time and help you to get more tasks done quickly. The free marketing tools mentioned in this article cover several areas of business needs, including website optimization, social media marketing, and analytics, and much more. With these marketing tools, you can take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level

1. Builtvisible 

This is a powerful content discovery tool you can use to gain valuable insights into your content marketing topics quickly. You can use Builtvisible to get details about the trending and accessible content across the web.

Builtvisible is designed with popular social media sites, content aggregators, government research networks, and news websites. It will provide you with useful information on great and viral topics of conversation on the Internet. The good part is that Builtvisible will show you the most successful trending content related to your specific search query.

2. Content Idea Generator 

This tool allows you to enter a topic or keyword, and it will provide you with different content ideas and titles. Creating quality content is one of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers. The good news is that you can use the Content Idea Generator to get any of your desire content topics.

3. Hotjar

Hotjar is a useful marketing tool that will give you insights on what the users of your website are looking for, what they care about, and their activities on your site. The tool will record your visitor’s clicks, tap, and mouse movements. It will also provide you with ideas on how your visitors are leaving your site.

Hotjar will help you to improve online form completion rates, so you can gain more subscribers. This is the ultimate tool you can use to know your audience better. The basic plan is free, and it allows up to 2,000 pageviews per day. You can use a basic plan to manage up to 3 heatmaps, funnels, surveys, and much more.

4. Hubspot Marketing Grader 

This is a reliable marketing grader tool you can access to improve your marketing performance. The device will give you insights on how far you’ve achieved in your marketing efforts. Hubspot marketing grader is a sure way to get a clear view of your marketing status.

It will scan your site against metrics in blogging, lead generation, mobile, SEO, and social media categories. With the details this tool provides, you can easily make changes that will increase your site performance.

5. Buffer 

Buffer allows online users to manage their different social media accounts in one place. You can use Buffer to create a list of content and then send them out on a regular schedule to your various social media timelines.

Buffer comes with intuitive analytic on each post to help you know which posts performed best. With the analytic function, you can retweet any of your posts that were particularly shared by your audience.

6. Google Trends 

Use Google trends to uncover trending and favorite topics that will interest your readers. Using Google Trends is a powerful SEO technique you can employ to generate keywords that online users are already searching for. This tool will give you useful topics that can drive massive traffic to your site.

Google Trends allows you to type a keyword into their search bar, and it will provide you with the search volume index. You can also search by country and year.

7. MentionMapp 

This is a fantastic Twitter analytic tool that will give you an understanding of what’s working on Twitter. The information this tool provides will help you to increase followers, engagement, and make more money.

There is no way you can increase the performance of your channel if you lack the knowledge of what works and what does not work. MentionMapp is designed to help you get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaign.

8. Medium

Medium is a vast network to read, write, and share your writing. It allows you to write about anything on any topic of your choice. Medium will enable people from all works of life to sign up for a free account and start writing. This platform makes it easy for you to write your thoughts, useful tips, tricks, and then share them with a built-in audience to gain traffic.

Medium is an excellent resource for digital marketers and bloggers. You can use it to publish stand-alone, individual posts, or contribute to publications of curated stories written by professionals in different industries.

9. Evernote 

Use this tool to capture ideas, trends, and inspiration across any device. Evernote is an ultimate tool that can help you perform competitive analysis, market research, and store content ideas. If you want to stay organized, complete tasks without stress and save any note you can find online then use Evernote.

You can even group your notes with notebooks or tags and easily retrieve them wherever you want. If you’re going to share notes with friends or colleagues, then you can easily do it with Evernote.

The free basic plan comes with 60MB of new uploads per month, search for words inside images, clip content & images, share & discuss notes, and a lot more.

10. Google Analytics 

This is an important marketing campaign tool you can use to measure the way online users interact with your site. With Google Analytics, you can easily track the performance of your keywords.

The information this tool provides will help you to know the keywords that bring the most traffic to your website. You need Google Analytics if you want to improve on the keywords that are underperforming and increase your overall optimization effort.

11. CrowdFire 

CrowdFire is a great tool you can use to grow and build trusted followers for your business. CrowdFire is a social media engagement tool built with useful resources. You can use it to discover who follow and who don’t follow you back on Twitter and Instagram.

The tool will help you to locate inactive followers and serious users to follow. You can use it to discover how your social media status affects your audience.

12. SimplyMeasured 

Use this useful social media analytics tool to measure your brand performance across every social network. You can use the data this tool provides to improve your marketing campaign. Use SimplyMeasured to get the most comprehensive analytics solution for your business.

It measures your performance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn and much more. SimplyMeasured provides insights about your followers, engagement, content, demographic visitors, and much more.

13. Wistia

This is a reliable video hosting and analytic tool you can use to improve business performance. Many marketers are using Wistia to enhance their video marketing campaign. A video is a powerful technique you can use to attract massive traffic to your site, and that’s what Wistia will help you to do.

Wistia has accurate viewer analytics. It offers different plans, and you can kick start with their free, which has space for up to 5 videos.

14. Sumome 

Sumome makes it possible for online marketers to grow their site traffic. Sumome integrates List Builder which will increase your subscribers by 20%. The heatmaps will show you the activities of visitors on your site. The Buy Button will help you to sell anything on your website quickly.

The share will make your content to go viral on various social media networks. It has Google Analytics that will track your site performance. Discover provide free traffic to your site. Sumome offers a free basic plan that tracks up to 1 million monthly website visitors.

15. Google Alerts 

Google Alerts is one of the most popular online tools you can use to monitor the web for interesting and valuable content. With this tool, you can listen to discussions you may not be able to discover on your own.

Google Alerts will help you to track keywords and phrases that are important to your business. It allows you to set up any number of alerts so you can monitor online activities based on your search terms.

16. Peek By Usertesting

Peek is a useful user testing tool that will give you information on how people view your brand. It allows you to view and listen to a 5-minute video of a human using your site or app. Peek is the ultimate free world’s best user research tool you can find online.

17. Readability Test Tool 

This is a valuable tool that will allow you to test the readability of your work. The device is designed to take the text of your content and present a score for the most used readability indicators. Publishing content that your audience understands is a great way to increase their numbers.

With Readability Test Tool, you can be able to produce content that will be accessible to your audience. This tool is suitable for copywriters, SEO experts, developers, marketers, and a lot more.

18. On-Page Optimization Tool 

If your website and web pages are not well optimized for search engines, then this is the ultimate tool you need. The On-Page Optimization Tool will scan your website for on-page factors and increases the performance of your site.

This tool will analyze your Meta information, inbound & outbound links, page text, and much more. It’s a valuable tool you can use to see important SEO terrible practices of your web pages

19. Google Page Speed 

With this essential free marketing tool, you can analyze and optimize your site performance. It analyzes your site for web best practices.

20. Majestic SEO 

Majestic SEO is the leading online link data analysis tool you can’t afford to miss. This tool will provide you with a useful detailed backlinks report on your site and that of your competitors. It will show you top anchors, top referring domains, total backlinks, external backlinks, and much more.

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