3 Easy Steps to Boost the Speed of Your Wix Website

May 26, 2019 | Free Online Web Tools

20 Second load time who has time for that?

Using WIX  as a drag and drop website builder for millions has become a simple goto platform to create and build a beautiful website for users with limited web design experience. It is a great platform to utilize. Primarily as a first build or a starter website.

When first using WIX years ago with no clue on how to do anything web design related. I was instantly able to create a great looking website within a few hours.

The company has been around for years and has quickly become recognized as one of the leading drag and drop design companies in the world, with over 100 million users in 2018.

Unfortunately, WIX uses a large amount of JavaScript, this main reason for slow load speed, especially on mobile. They have recently released the WIX Turbo which when tested is impressively fast on desktop, and promises to bring a improved performance. The mobile page speed is still a problem and runs sub-par and not up to the Googles latest algorithm updates.

Top 3 Tips to Improve Page Speed on WIX

1. Optimize Images – Avoid Videos if possible

Having multiple pictures at a large size will ruin the page speed and hurt your SEO.  Focusing on page speed it is critical to make sure your webpage is fully optimized. Combined with the excessive amount of JavaScript it can be challenging to get WIX to perform at an optimal speed.

Luckily you can speed your site through image compression. Dramatically reducing the size of images without destroying quality is crucial when adding images to your website. For a more in-depth overview read about our favorite free compression tool article.

Always make sure to optimize every photo that’s added to your site.  Try out a fantastic free tool such as Tiny PNG .  You can use this and utilize the companies simple straight forward process.

Remember the less these images take up space, the faster you page speed will be and the less load it will have on your browser and WIX server. Compression has become crucial when expecting potential clients to stay on your site and reduce bounce rate and improving the overall user experience.

2. Remove these additional settings in WIX:

When first creating a site WIX has pre-set features that slow load speed. When making these simple changes, I have not personally seen any difference as far as quality . This is a pointless additional feature that only hurts your page’s performance .

First, remove the image sharpening goto > settings > image sharpening > and select none this will please applied across the entire site so no need to worry about this again.

Next step on the left top corner click on Page > then select > manage pages > page transitions > select none.

Great, we are almost there!

3. Avoid adding apps, social media feeds, and VIDEOS

The app selection found on offer on WIX is impressive and can quickly become a webpages worst enemy. Recently when  scrolling through the APP market and deciding to load one of the live messengers offered because today it is widely used throughout the industry to improve conversion there were problematic changes to my sites performance. I thought this would be a tremendous and addition.

With a quick and obvious change in performance it was clear this was not the best idea, especially when combined with their heavy javascript platform.  Throughout testing and measuring its affects on the speed with the additional apps, the issues continued with a significant increase in page speed.

After testing a few addition features, I concluded that you need to be selective and cautious. Make sure to have a clear vision on what is best for your visitors when deciding which apps to add to your website. Only add what is necessary and do not overdo this, an increase in bounce rate and slow site speed is not worth the extra added features.

Final Thoughts:

These three webpage speed tips for WIX will help speed up your site and create a lighter load on their servers resulting in improved SEO and user experience. If this is one of your first website designs  WIX will be the easiest way to create a professional looking page.

The platform is not horrible; it is the most popular drag and drop builder on the market and is extremely simple and easy to learn on. WIX will always have a genuine appreciation for what they have created, and it has taught me so much before moving on to other platforms.