Beginners Guide: How do I Update Divi Theme?

Jun 20, 2019 | Divi by Elegant Themes, Online Webpage Builders

Divi theme by Elegant Themes is an incredible website builder for WordPress. Primarily by easy to use drag and drop builder allowing for a professional website without having to be an advanced WordPress designer.

If you are a first-time beginner on WordPress, it may require some technical skills or a bit of playing around with features to feel comfortable. Compared to competing beginner site builders like WIX or Weebly we have found the feature and functionality on Divi to be by far the most powerful page builder on the market, and customizable opportunities are endless as you become further advanced.

The possibilities are endless, and starting is quite simple compared to other webpage builders available on WordPress. If you have just purchased the Divi Theme see how to install it here. Below is a simple guide to update your Divi theme to stay on top of bug fixes and improvements.

Why is it Important to Update Your Divi Theme Plug-in?

  • Keep up to date with the latest bug fixes and page speed improvements that will help increase user experience, and possibly allow for increased SEO performance.
  • Discover new features and resources to improve your website’s theme, allowing you to explore additional options to customize the front end leading to a fantastic looking site.
  • Keep the security of your site up to date to minimize the risk and vulnerability of online hackers and malware keeping your page’s performance fully optimized.

Before you start, Backup your content

We always recommend backing up your current version of your website before performing a Divi theme update. This is a precautionary tip to keep your content safe in the rare case of any issues or site crashes to ensure your content does not get deleted.

Updating Your Divi Theme to the latest version is easy

*this is a guide for users with the Divi Theme already installed onto your WordPress if you need information on how to install the Divi Plugin first please read this article first.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress Dashboard

To begin your Divi update, you must first log-in to the main WordPress dashboard where everything related to your website is located.

Step 2: Update Your Divi Theme

When you are logged into your WordPress dashboard find the updates tab located on the sidebar of the admin area. You can find this under the home tab on the top left of the admin sidebar.

Next, Click on it and navigate to Divi Theme and click update this usually takes a minute to update fully. Once completed you are now ready and your update has been applied I often suggest clearing your cache to keep the webpage fresh and ensure the full update is applied across your website.

Want to Rollback to The Previous Version?

If by some chance you decide you want to rollback to an older Divi Theme or if you are noticing performance issues after the update you can roll back to the previous version.

Navigate to Divi > Theme Options and head over the Updates Tab found on the last tab to the right of your Theme Options window. When you land on this click the button that says ( rollback to the previous version ) above this option you should see the Username and API key fields.

You have now successfully rolled back to the older version of Divi Theme.

Bottom Line:

I hope this was useful for beginners searching for a simple answer to this question. This was a simple and short article with a primary focus to give a clear guide to novice users who are just getting started with WordPress and the Divi Theme Plugin.

Larger Divi updates almost always include new styling features so always be sure to explore all of these options to see if there is anything you want to add to improve the look or content of your webpage further. If you are looking for the updated and latest overview of what is new, you can always head to the Elegant Themes Updates Blog Page for latest announcements.