3 Free SEO Tools All Business Owners Must Be Using

May 24, 2019 | Free Online Web Tools

When starting a Small Business on a budget, it can be hard to spend a fortune on top marketing software such as SEMRush one of my favorite paid marketing tools. Though it can be challenging to find useful tools or even know where to start here is why you must do your research and utilize what is available free on the web.

Want to Rank on Google search results?

The answer to this is YES, of course, you do. Well, your top competitors are taking advantage of several marketing tools that help understand and “spy” on what other similar websites that are posting and ranking for targeted keywords.

If you want to compete genuinely and rank organically, you must be using this same strategy and consistency is vital. With the right SEO strategy and competitor analysis, you can start your plan a long-term strategy to rank for organic traffic and build your way to the top or first page of Google.

Why do you want organic traffic?

Ranking for keywords specific to your niche and business has incredible benefits such as ranking on the first page of Google and increase traffic at no additional cost; it reduces your cost on Google PPC ads. Additionally and most important, you can earn genuine clients with a healthy SEO plan in place. This improvement can lead to some serious cash and conversions when utilized correctly.

If I follow this will I rank organically on the first page immediately?

No, this is a time-consuming process and takes time to build your content. Remember that your competitors are always one step ahead of you. The idea here is to see what is working for them and create your version by developing unique content and continually focusing on quality content. The long-term benefits are worth it, that’s a fact.

3 Free SEO and Keyword tools to start using today.

1. Uber Suggest- by Neil Patel – Check out Uber Suggest

This research tool is incredible. I recently came across it a few weeks ago, and this is now used on my daily research when working on topics and ideas for what to write content on for articles and working on PPC ads. Neil Patel is an established SEO expert and has helped me personally with incredible free video content on his youtube channel on his experience over the years ranking for SEO and sharing great tips for organic growth. If you have not already started, we suggest watching him for a few hours straight and follow his content daily. He always updates you on the latest tips and strategies for your web page content and educates his audience on essential tips for webpage optimization.

He has created a great free program that helps research keywords you are trying to rank for and shows the score on how competitive these keywords are to rank on the top 20 list of Google against your competition. You can type in competing websites to see what they are ranking for currently and how much search traffic they see from these top keywords.

For a free SEO tool that is unheard of and the best part is there is no “free trial” this is free for you to benefit and learn from at all times. Beyond thankful, we found this useful tool, and this has helped tremendously on our daily research regimen.

Google Search Console – Discover Search Console

Google search console will give you an understanding of what keywords and phrases you are currently recognized or ranking for based on search results. With in-depth analytics and utilizing the analytics tools correctly, you can find out where your traffic is coming from and what pages these words are appearing in on google.

A simple way to refresh your content is to find the keywords you are currently ranking for on specific pages and moving your content around or rewriting parts of it to improve your ranking to advance your status.

As suggested, Neil Patel’s advice is to use his tool to find keywords closely associated with the current ones you are ranking for and implement this onto your webpage copy to rank for additional keywords. An excellent strategy for sure, and it will help increase visitors over time. Always remember to not overdo your keywords or stuff to many on your website; this will end up hurting you in the long run.

Googles latest algorithm updates they are focusing on quality and unique content and mobile speed. It can be challenging with tons of competition, and articles written on the same subject.

Always make sure before leaving search console if there are any issues detected for google to crawl your webpage. Still, be sure to correct these as soon as you can to ensure there are no adverse effects taken on your ranking progress. That would not be a good scenario after all of your hard work and dedication.

Google Trends: Find What’s Trending on Google

Google trends is another excellent tool offered at no cost this allows you to target your keywords and find out what region they are searching the most which can be critical for both on page SEO and when running PPC ads. It focuses and shows information down to the specific top regions that are searching for your target. Extremely useful if you are working on local SEO to see if your area is actively seeking for your niche.

Another great benefit of this tool is that you can see the latest trends based on your specific niche and targeting competing URL’s. Researching to optimize a blog post or to find the most recent article to write on to maximize potential growth think about how to create a compelling material when comparing the competition. It is always good to look at the monthly search volume for a specific word and find a way to be unique and provide valuable content specifically on that single subject.

Final Thoughts:

Remember that ranking for organic traffic is not a quick overnight process, and this can take time and tons of research to optimize both your brand and reach your goals. Persistence is critical, especially with the constant changes in googles algorithm. Do not give up and always focus on the benefits that will come. Keep turning out content, and in 6 months to a year, there should be some significant improvement if the content and information are worth the read.

Enjoy and good luck on your SEO journey. Learn about the importance of image compression from the latest article about our recommended Compression Tool Tiny PNG.