How to Install The Divi Theme on WordPress

Jun 11, 2019 | Divi by Elegant Themes, Online Webpage Builders

Activating Your Divi Theme plug-in on WordPress is a simple and straightforward process. Starting your first website on WordPress can be a slight learning curve for many, and requires some basic knowledge of how a website operates.

Luckily with the Powerful Divi Page Builder, creating a website on WordPress is relatively simple. With endless possibilities for creating a professional design, Divi has simple options for beginner developers to create an incredible looking great webpage with almost no web-experience necessary.

Learn how to Activate your new Divi Plugin so you can start developing your new web design.

Download The Divi Theme Plugin in Members Area

When first purchasing the Divi Theme, you need to make sure to download the plug-in onto to your computer as a zipped file. The file should automatically download for you in this format.

Where can you find the plug-in for download?

Elegant Themes makes this simple, log-into your account first created when purchasing The Divi Plugin.

Navigate to the My Downloads Button on the top right corner of the Elegant Themes Website. The first option you see should be the Divi Theme Tab located on the left and will show as the first option in your Members Area.

Click on the Download the Divi Theme button to start the download and wait for this fully complete. Make sure the file remains zipped for easy uploading onto your WordPress Website.

Now, locate the Divi Theme File and log-into your WordPress Admin area for the website you wish to use Divi on.

Log-in to Your WordPress Website

When you first log into your WordPress Website, navigate to the primary admin sidebar and click on the Plugin-in tab. When you are at the main page for Plug-ins scroll up to the Add New button located on the top left and click on it.

You should redirect to the Plug-in marketplace for your WordPress site. Next, head back to the top left corner and click on the upload plug-in button.

You are now set to move your zipped Divi File to WordPress for activation. Here you can find your Divi Theme file and upload this onto your WordPress. When the file has loaded completely, make sure to click on the activate button to turn on your Divi Theme.

Head back to the Elegant Themes Members Area

Now that you have successfully loaded the Divi Plug-in onto your website, you need to activate your license to start creating and developing your site.

Head back to the Elegant Themes Members area and find the accounts tab located in the Main Members Menu, and click on the Username and API Key page, here you will find the Username and API Code needed to activate your license.

Next, go back to your WordPress admin area and click on the Divi plug-in, navigate to theme options, and find the Divi Tab that says Updates.

Activate THE Divi Theme License

You are almost ready to begin your web design. Head back to your Elegant Themes Members area and copy and past your Username and API key to the info required in the Divi Updates Tab in your WordPress admin page and save changes.

Congratulations, you are now ready to explore the incredibly powerful drag and drop website builder, and you can now start creating your Divi Website.

Final Thoughts:

This article was built to describe and offer a clear and simple guide to activating your Divi Theme Plugin. Hopefully, this has answers your questions regarding activating the Divi Theme for WordPress.

For additional information check out the Elegant Themes Guide to Install The Divi Builder –