Tiny PNG The Free Image Compression Tool

May 24, 2019 | Free Online Web Tools

We all know in today’s world visual content, and pictures not only make your website look great; they are always going to be more engaging and essential for any webpage. While this is important for sure, you must make sure your content is optimized to maximize your website’s performance.

Did you know? Some images can go over 10mb that is HUGE when loading a website, and that is a single image. The Image used just on this blog in its original file was 20MB we reduced this to 654kb with Tiny PNG. With videos, they can go far beyond this making for a sluggish website load creating an SEO nightmare with today’s algorithm on Google.

What Does Image Optimization even mean?

Image optimization is a simple process of taking an image that you are looking to upload onto your website. Reducing the file size to improve the load on your webpage and improving your SEO score are always an essential focus.

Did you know?

Images make up for an average of 21% of a webpage. Based on a 2018 report, according to HTTP Archive. Shockingly, this number continues to rise at a time where Google is cracking down on page speed. 

What are the benefits of image optimization?

There are numerous benefits to gain when looking to optimize an image, from the reduced load on your web server, increased performance for the visitor or increasing user experience. Earning a  better standing with Google for page optimization is critical especially when it comes to mobile sites.

1. Increase Page Speed Load time.

With visitors and the world becoming focused on speed and easy access, nobody likes to wait around for a website that takes a long time to load. Google now suggests a website to load in 3 seconds or less, which for many this can be hard to achieve. Based on Neil Patel’s article, the sweet spot to beat for an ideal speed is between 4-8 seconds. 

2. Improve your SEO

With billions of websites on the internet, all ranking against your content staying ahead is essential to reach potential customers organically. Image Compression, along with a great SEO strategy, will improve your SEO score and user experience, putting your page ahead of sites slower and not optimized correctly. If you are using WordPress, I always recommend installing the Yoast SEO Plugin it provides excellent feedback and helps create clean meta titles and descriptions along with suggestions for your content.

3. Smaller images use less bandwidth,

will always be appreciated by your networks and browser, along with a lighter load on your web servers.

While there are other benefits to image compression, these are the main advantages to focus on when utilizing compression. For additional information on web optimization, check out this in-depth article for some other tips to improve load time.

Tiny PNG, My Favorite Free Image Compression Tool

Over the years after optimizing thousands of images and using this website consistently, we must say it is useful and straightforward to use. The best thing about it? The quality never seems to be affected; it merely reduces the file size and retains the quality of your picture. For any web designer, this is the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of using Tiny PNG?

When looking to start building a webpage for the first time, this tool is incredibly simple and easy to use. Drag and drop your photo wait a few seconds, and your picture is reduced dramatically and ready to be added to your webpage.

With this being a top-rated tool, they have a fantastic free plugin in option for Word Press and the Magento plugin along with several third-party options for developers using their API options.

What are the Limitations on Tiny PNG?

– Only 5mb pictures can compress at through the free version
– 20 images daily or 500 monthly offered at no cost

While we don’t find this to be a significant disadvantage, they are not entirely free. If you are looking to compress huge file sizes or over 500 a month, then the paid option is worth the money for sure. If you are at this level and running through these many photos, it would probably be best regardless to have a paid membership. The added benefits of being on their paid plan include compressing files up to 25mb and the ability to upload 25 images at a single time. Awesome!

For the majority of web designers starting out or at an intermediate level, using its free simple to use compression tool should be more than enough for you to use without ever paying to use it.

Final Thoughts:

Tiny PNG is an incredible tool for compression. I will continue to rate this as one of my favorite image compression tools around. The only problem we have ever run into was the file size being over 5mb, but with this being a rare occasion we have no complaints. Make sure to check out our latest article on Free SEO Tools essential for your search engine optimization strategy.